Here for your Tastebuds


Why are we here? From a personal view, this has been a few years in the making. I love beer but I travel regularly to Melbourne to buy beer or order it online. That probably won't change but beer isn't just about drinking. For me, it represents many things. Beer is community, beer is fun, beer is about choice. It's also about Ballarat.

Ballarat’s relationship with brewing stretches back to 1895 with the establishment of Phoenix Brewing Royal Standard Brewery which then amalgamated to become The Ballarat Brewing Company in 1910. This brewery produced the iconic ‘Ballarat Bertie’ who adorned the bottles of Ballarat Stout and Ballarat Bitter from 1927 til 1971. The connection between ‘Bertie’ and Ballarat locals is still as affectionate 40 years on.

Ballarat also has proud tradition of brewing education that dates back to 1971 and Federation University Ballarat is viewed as the finest grounding for brewing education. The university annually presents The Australian International Beer Awards (AIBA) - the pre-eminent showcase for premium beer and brewing excellence in the Asia Pacific region.

I want this to be educational, I want it to be an experience and most of all, I want you to love having a beer. The best beer is the one you enjoy.

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